Real-Time On-Device TinyML Acceleration Solution

"Looking for a solution to empower your TinyML product efficiently?
Frustrated with the cost and power efficiency of your current options?"

We have the perfect solution, SMU-E™️, for you.

What is SMU-E™️?

Our SMU-E™️ product is a standard CMOS logic-compatible, cost-effective, non-volatile processor to empower your real-time edge intelligence of running TinyML with significantly higher performance per given battery power. The development board is available along with a pre-configured software development kit for simple deployment.

Conventional MCU is very expensive in the advanced process node due to the extra masks and steps beyond standard CMOS. We provide a unique standard CMOS logic-compatible non-volatile processor solution integrating Logic-EFLASH and Compute-in-Flash (CiF) based energy-efficient neural engine for cost and performance effective TinyML acceleration.

Solution - Customized TinyML Solution

We support optimized referencing of TinyML neural network models on the smart edge devices with SMU neural engine.

Compiler - Software Development Kit

We provide cross-platform SW development toolchain and SMU neural engine converters for pre-trained ML models.

Hardware - SMU-E™️ (Smart Microprocessor for TinyML)

Our smart microprocessor features standard logic compatible Embedded FLASH (Logic-EFLASH) and Compute-in-Flash (CiF) based energy efficient neural engine suitable for battery powered TinyML applications.

Where can SMU-E™️ used for?

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Healthcare Wearables
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Smart Home & Building
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Automotive Sensors
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Smart Toys

Why SMU-E™️?

Looking for a solution to empower your TinyML product efficiently?
explore OUR SMU-E™️