Standard Logic Compatible Embedded Flash Memory

"Building your own silicon for edge devices, and are loss of data, cost, and power consumption of the chip your primary concerns?"

Our Logic-EFLASH™️ can help you.

What is Logic-EFLASH™️?

The on-chip embedded non-volatile memory ensures that you never lose your data when the power supply to your edge device is not stable.

Our standard logic based embedded flash memory (Logic-EFLASH) technology is a non-volatile memory that can protect your data without consuming power though the device is not active.

Differently from alternative non-volatile memory technologies, the Logic-EFLASH™️ can be built with no additional chip fabrication steps beyond standard CMOS logic and is scalable in advanced logic process technologies of various silicon foundries, alleviating your chip supply concerns.

Logic-EFLASH description
no additional process required

No additional process

ANAFLASH’s proprietary Logic compatible Embedded FLASH (Logic-EFLASH™️) memory does not require any process overhead beyond standard logic process.

low cost

Low cost and secure

Logic-EFLASH is a cost-effective and secure nonvolatile MTP IP suitable for robust smart edge and IoT devices.



Fully functional silicon results have been verified in 65nm and 180nm standard logic processes with good retention margin, and under development in a 28nm logic process. 

Are you building your own silicon for edge devices?
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